A drastically pruned Salvia and the gravel

A drastically pruned Salvia and the gravel

Nice Birkis, too!

Baby toes succulent, lambs ears, gravel

Baby toes succulent, lamb's ears, gravel

I love all of these, and it had just rained, and the sun was coming out to boot.  Ahhhhh

The soft lambs ear with the sharp gravel plus the funky, spiney kinda succulent sprawling all over makes me smile.  I saw this growing at a friends house, I could see it from the road as I drove past.  I like the way it draped itself over her rock walls.  She gave me some and everytime I look at it I think of her.

Cleome, more babys toes, gravel and the birkis

Cleome, more baby's toes, gravel and the birkis

I can’t seem to keep my foot out of the photos.  Ah well better the foot than the thumb.

Also after the rain, this Cleome came up volunteer in the drive/walk.  I love Cleomes and hadn’t got any seeds to plant this year, so I am happy to have it, although it does look terribly out of place.  I had never heard of Cleomes until I went on the Secret Garden Tour in Milford.  I saw them in several of the gardens, the blooms look like fireworks to me.  One of the ladies from the Garden Club told me what they were.


2 comments so far

  1. ken baumel on

    lovely photos of foliage and flowers
    curious how you achieved such a lovely quality of light – are you a professional photographer?
    was your garden ever featuredon the tour?
    Are you familiar with Derek Fell’s garden books?
    You could do well doing garden books

  2. Mrs.C on

    Aw, thanks for your kind words. Not a professional by any means. I do try to pay attention to the light, which is better in the early morning in my garden.

    I have a dear garden friend who has gifted me with many unique plants and mentored me along the garden path. I have never been featured on the garden tour. I admire those gardeners who can open themselves up for that kind of traffic.

    I shall check out Derek Fell’s books!

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