Ya, I know it’s been two months.  I gave up gardening after the woodchucks.  We were able to eliminate several of them.  Then caught a skunk in the havahart.  FYI, if you get a skunk they suggest you cover the cage with a tarp and then pull the release handle.  We managed to release ‘Petunia’ with no harm.

As for the garden.  Ugh.  August was dry and I spent all garden time moving water from section to section.  So what the woodchucks hadn’t feasted on would have a small chance of surviving.  September has been spent cutting back and cleaning up a bit.  I did get out on Saturday morning and managed to top dress the circle beds and part of the front garden.

I have completely neglected anything that is growing in the backyard this year.  Blech.

All of this is very encouraging isn’t it?  Actually it is because Fall is zooming into view and that means spring BULBS.  Yea!  So while I continue to figure out what needs to be moved where, I take a break by visiting the local garden centers and salivating over their bulbs.

Being cheap I wait until they go at least half off.  Last year I was planting bulbs in December as we hadn’t had a hard frost and the ground was still workable.  It is however, very hard on the ol’ knees to be down on the cold ground.


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