What I Saw On The Secret Garden Tour

There were some very clever containers on the Secret Garden Tour this year.  I’m borrowing lots of these ideas for my garden next year.

Corn in a pig planter.  Charming, whimsical, and clever all rolled into one.  There was quite the pig theme going on at this stop.

Same stop, not 15 feet away was this gem.  So different from the piggy-in-the-corn, and yet it all worked.  I don’t have the slightest idea what the plantings are here, the tall feathery one in the back looks like dill, or cosmos.  If you know please chime in here!

Elephant Ear, and something that looks like it could be alternathera, maybe purple knight?  Very bold, just demands to be looked at.  Love the limey color with the purple.

Look to the right, more corn!  And yes, more pigs.

Very nice one color container, that’s a caladium & a clematis.  Maybe the common woodland clematis?  I really have to ask more questions next year.  The problem is the actual gardeners aren’t always around, would you stay with a couple hundred people traipsing through your garden?  I’ve rarely had any luck asking the club members about the plantings.

Great color for the shade garden.  And it’s doable too.  Easy plants to find at your local garden center.  In a couple more weeks it will be fetching as the plants fill out and over flow the container.  Unusual container too, and nice the way they lifted it up off the ground, to give it some height.

Huge, but simple planting of impatients on a column of bee boxes! (what’s the proper name for those boxes anyway?)

Completely over the top.  Giant birdbath, or fountain?  I’m not certain but I love the boldness here.  Everyone took one look and went “wow”.


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  1. Arlene Quesada on

    I appreciate the photos from the Milford Secret Garden Tour. I will now give serious thought to actually attending the tour next year.Milford is a very nice, “artsy” town.
    The “fern like” plant in the “urn” arrangement is fennel. Great host plant for butterflies. Great plant for anything as it demands very little care.

    The plant in the arrangement with the white veined calladium is a euphorbia called “White Diamond”. I just received one as a gift and was informed it is a very “tender” perennial. It will need to be taken in over the winter as a house plant. Again, thank you!

  2. Mrs.C on

    Fennel! I never would have guessed. Thanks Arlene!

    I should have looked closer at the Caladium arrangement too, I was certain it was wild clematis or sweet autumn at least. The gardener had a yard full of native/wild plants.

    Hope to see you on the garden tour next year!

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