What to do, What to do


Hyperion daylily.  I’ve had them around 11 years now, but they’ve only been deer free for 5.  If I could only grow one daylily, this would be it.  Huge flowers, blossoms for several weeks and is a bit fragrant too.  Yep if I could only grow one, this would be it.   There is a reason it’s been called a border favorite for decades.

Or maybe I’d only grow this one.  (you can see where this is going, can’t you?)

Also big & bold, a regular drama queen.  I like to put her next to this one, Pandora’s Box.  They have the same bloom time.

Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'

Behind this dark beauty is a chocolate Joe Pye Weed.  Which I think isn’t really a Joe Pye at all, but the garden centers call it a chocolate Joe Pye.  Next year I want to get all three of them closer together.  This year they are next to some ordinary Cosmos, I really like the effect of the lacy Cosmos foliage next to them.  I’m hoping it will all work, as the Cosmos won’t bloom until the daylilies are through.  And maybe I’ll cut them for bouquets?

Here is the Cosmos foliage.  Cause I like it!


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