The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Garden


Good. Divided the Ajuga Burgandy and it is doing nicely.

Good. Children have caught a bazillion Japanese beetles for me, I pay them a nickel for each one.  Must bring in the hide to receive the bounty.

Bad. I have had to pay the children 12 dollars this week alone.

Good.  The men-folk killed the woodchucks.

Bad.  Before they died the ‘chucks told their friends about the good eats in my garden.  Two more appeared and munched on the lettuce, green beans, the pumpkins, cucumbers, coneflowers, and on and on.

Good.  They only eat the leaves of the bean plants, they left the actual bean pods.

Ugly. The garden after the woodies have dined.  Lots of sad pathetic little green twigs missing all of their leaves.

(photo to follow.)

Ugly.  The roses have canker.  Blech.

Bad.  The fountain is leaking.

Good.  It’s a slow leak and it’s watering the upper bed nicely, during this dry period.

Ugly.  One of the Adirondack chairs is rotting and falling apart.

Ugly. This whiskey barrel planter.  It had a nice bunch of purple and pink tulips this spring, but now.  Yuck-o.

Good.  Happy Returns daylily is still blooming away in the very neglected, very shady backyard.


2 comments so far

  1. Kris on

    You forgot:

    Good. The new rock wall looks awesome.

  2. Mrs.C on

    Aw, gee, thanks!

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