Roses, and the Death of Chuck

Yep.  The boybarian of the house got him.  I didn’t see it first hand, but the versions I heard from his sisters included the words, eye, shot, blood spurting.  I did a happy dance.  The boy then had a dream  that Chuck came back, ate of a certain poppy in the garden, grew to a gargantuan size, went into the boy’s bedroom and attacked him.  Also Chuck was sporting an eye patch. 

On a completely different note, the roses are blooming.  Hurrah!  We had a short but mean rainstorm this morning, so New Dawn is a bit droopy, but it smells divine.










2 comments so far

  1. Kris on

    I love the detail that Chuck wore an eyepatch for the attack. Priceless.

    Please post pics of the roses when you can! Except for the multiflora, we are rose-free. I miss my Milford rose.

  2. Mrs.C on

    I need to get a Milford Rose! Here finally are the roses, I’ve had the most trouble with WordPress photos lately. The roses look even better now, I’ll have to get another photo.

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