The Garden of Eatin’ featuring Friar Chuck

He ate the daisy buds.  He ate the white conflower I started from seed last year.  He ate every single pansy blossom.  He ate the lupines, the lettuce,  and the asters.  And while I am surveying all this damage, my fragmented brain is thinking, how can he be so fat eating all these greens?  And where is the baseball bat, ’cause I’m putting an end to this business.  And then after drinking all the water in the fountain, he looked around him and saw that it was good and dug a hole under the front porch.  A hole exactly where I put my foot when I come down or go up the porch a bazzillion times a day. 

On Wednesday my lupines looked like this,

on Thursday this is what was left.

 Tomorrow I hope to write, that Friar Chuck has moved on, to the great groundhog in the sky.


Whistling pig my patootie.



2 comments so far

  1. Kris on

    Oooh, your poor lupines. I am sorry and I hope I didn’t remind him that he needed to get around to eating your garden by my recent post. I hope you get him soon. Groundhogs are a big pain in the butt, plus they also have rather large… well, you know. Despite all those greens.

  2. Mrs.C on

    You’ve got that right, big pain in behind! Today he dug under the decking for the chairs in the garden. They are very persistent, and why not I’ve created the perfect habitat for them!

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