Lupine Patrol

I sat down in the garden the other day and was thrilled to see buds on the lupine.  


Same lupine only a day later!  I love sitting here each morning and marveling at the changes.  Everything grows so fast this time of year.

For whatever reason I feel the need to report the daily progression!

TA-DA!  I missed photographing a day in there.  Anyway, it has been brutally hot here in northeastern PA, with temps. in the 90’s, and rain, making for a jungle like feeling out in the garden.  The crazy weather has also made the plants grow like mad, I think this lupine stretched nearly two inches in one day.  The weeds are growing like, well, like weeds.  I’ll have to be getting up early if I want to be out before it gets too hot to work.  Which is about 70 for my Nordic genes.

This should be the last pic, unless I document the wilting too.

A friend once described coming upon a meadow filled with lupines up in Maine.  That is something I would like to see.  It must have been breathtaking, considering how ga-ga I am over my tiny planting, an entire field would tip me over the proverbial edge.






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