Provider Vesey’s

Filet Morgan Bush Cook’s Garden

Jacob’s Cattle Vesey’s


Chantenay Red Cored Vesey

Chantenay – V

Cook’s Favorite Chantenay – CG

Minicor – CG

Purple Dragon – CG


Calypso – V

Fanfare – V

Marketmore – V



Mammoth dill

Krausa parsley – CG

Walla Walla Onions – CG

Summer Squash Spacemiser – V

Summer Squash Golden Dawn III

Pepper Orange Sun – V

Birdhouse Gourd – FM

Brandywine Tomato – FM

Space Hybrid Spinach – CG

Dill  Bouquet  – V


Plum Purple – CG

White Tipped Early Scarlet – H

Easter Egg – V

What am I missing?

Basil.  I’m visualizing the garden and all I can come up with is basil.  Basil in it’s many forms.  Globe, mammoth, early, spicy, basil.  What grew next to the basil?  I can’t remember, does it really matter? 

Okay, no zucchini.  Must have some zucchini in there somewhere.

Lettuce.  Need some greens.








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